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iPod, the portable mp3 player device is more famous day by day. At first it seemed that it wasn't going to be successful but time has answered the questions of those who thought it was going to be a disaster.

Now we can enjoy several models of this tiny player and Wondershare iPod Video Suite is a useful and powerful all-in-one iPod video conversion solution which will solve a problem of those ones who own an iPod Video.

If you use Wondershare iPod Video Suite you will not need any other tool because it includes a DVD ripper and a video converter. So you will be able to enjoy all your videos in your iPod Video.

No matter if you have them in DVD format or a mpg video, use the proper application and convert them.

Adjust, filesize, brightness, framerate, duration and more. Custom your videos make them supported by your iPod. In addition, transfer them directly to your portable device right from the same interface.

Take the most out of your tiny friend, enjoy your favorite DVD and video clips on the go.

The trial version includes a watermark in output

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